We support you on 3 different axes:


- Define or rework your mission, vision and strategy and thus better establish your place in the market
- Improve the leadership of your leaders


- Increase the performance of your teams
- Motivate and engage your teams


- Better understand your customers in order to better satisfy them
- Impact your customers in the long term


In business, there are often challenges or opportunities for which employees are not resourced. This is when you need support to effectively face these challenges or to make the most of these opportunities.

  • How much will it cost you not to address these issues?
  • What consequence on the positioning of your company if you are not able to seize these opportunities?

Our experts support you to diagnose, recommend, implement and lead the transformation to obtain the expected results.


You want to invest in your human capital: Congratulations to you! You are in the right place !

To get an overview of everything we offer, go to the Training page (click here) !

For TAILOR-MADE training, adapted to your needs


As a director or manager:

  • Do you find yourself faced with problems relating to your function or to your employees?
  • Are your decision-making or your ability to prioritize undermined by the current context of your business?
  • Do you need to work on your leadership posture?

Our concept is to support leaders to move from a “trained leader” to that of a “ transformative leader ”.

According to Bruna Martinuzzi, founder of Clarion Enterprises specializing in communication and coaching leaders: “The top three leadership qualities that will be important in the coming years are ‘the ability to motivate staff (35%); the ability to work well in different cultures (34%) and the ability to facilitate change (32% ) “. ”

Motivation, multiculturalism and change refer well to the VUCA world (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous) in which we are.

Our goal is to help leaders and people move forward courageously despite the uncertainty that is so integral to today’s world, towards measurable and achievable results.

For us, Leadership is a dynamic. The leaders

  • get ahead of their collaborators, staying close enough for them to see them,
  • stand next to employees, listen to them and understand them
  • Take a step back from co-workers and share words of encouragement to help them continue

Do you want to know more about our approach? Do not hesitate to contact us ! We will be happy to discuss it with you.

As a manager,

  • do you want to optimize the effectiveness and efficiency of your team?
  • Are you wondering about team coaching?

It is a real solution for you, if you want:

  • Share your mission, vision, values and team goals
  • Represent and detail the purpose of the team, the roles and responsibilities of each
  • Motivate and engage your employees
  • Capitalize on the strengths of your team and identify areas for improvement
  • Increase cohesion, collaboration, relationships and “team spirit” between employees

This support is a service that lasts over time, between a few weeks and a few months. The team is called upon to put in place concrete actions to achieve tangible results.

The ultimate goal for us:

  • achievement of set objectives
  • the development of each employee at work.

You are in one of the cases mentioned above and need more information, then do not hesitate to contact us!

As a manager, you are committed to developing the collective potential of your team but also that of each of your employees individually.

We therefore offer individual coaching in order to work in a more precise and targeted manner with each of your employees.

This support will allow the employee to:

  • work on all aspects of their work
  • to understand the stress factor
  • understand their strengths and areas for improvement
  • to flourish on a daily basis in their work
  • to better manage their career


You want to take a break with your employees for a workshop or a seminar in order to:

  • define your mission, vision and short, medium and long term objectives?
  • define and implement your business strategy?
  • realign yourself with your current and future goals?
  • to recreate and regain a team spirit?
  • strengthen the cohesion, collaboration and commitment of all?

We are at your disposal to develop a personalized, unique seminar that meets your expectations and which will be specially designed for you.

Our animators are facilitation specialists and will meet your expectations.

The key words in our seminars are:

  • Originality
  • Creativity
  • Team spirit
  • Pleasure and Fun
  • Put into action

Our strong points

  1. We are proud of our extensive experience in business support
  2. We are experts in our respective fields
  3. We believe in this relationship of partnership and trust with our customers: we preserve it by offering transparency, responsiveness and efficiency.
  1. We are part of the John C. Maxwell team: John C. Maxwell being the Global Leadership Expert
  2. Our founder is certified John Maxwell but also ICF “International Coaching Federation: the largest professional coaching federation in the world
  3. We have accompanied many people who have seen their lives change and go to a level that they could never have imagined.
  1. We give interns an unforgettable experience
  2. We are committed to impacting the professional and personal life of interns
  3. We always end our training with an incentive to “Put into action” immediately in order to anchor the newly acquired knowledge and initiate a transformation.
  1. We are experts in facilitating workshops
  2. We design processes that meet the expectations of our customers
  3. The key words in our seminars are:
    • Originality
    • Creativity
    • Team spirit
    • Pleasure and Fun
    • Put into action
Offre OTOD « One Team, One Dream »

Are you experiencing problems of collaboration, lack of cohesion, motivation or commitment in your teams? This workshop is made for you!

For half a day, you get together as a team to tackle the situations that make you proud but also those that are conflicting. It’s time to move towards one of the keys to success: “One Team, one Dream”!

Would you like to know more about our business support offer?

Our team is here to help!

Discovery offer: Diagnosis of the performance of your teams => free!
To take a first step with us, we offer a diagnosis of the performance of your teams, completely free and without any commitment on your part! It will give you an overview of the current state of your teams and let you know where you need to focus your efforts. Beyond the diagnosis, it will also be a precious moment of exchange and sharing between the members of your teams.
Contact us for a free diagnosis.

Dear clients,
Invest in yourself and your employees: this is your first asset! At Partnerys, we believe that a happy and fulfilled employee: at least one of your customers will be satisfied. Consequently, a net increase in the brand awareness and profitability of your business.
Serve and bring value to your employees as you do so well to your customers 😊



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