Many people do not make their dreams come true. They are afraid to change, afraid of not making it, afraid of the gaze of others or even afraid to shine. This fear paralyzes all of their abilities.

Other people are already on a roll but find themselves stuck on a plateau leading them towards their goals.

When people do not move towards their dream or stagnate on their journey, it is usually because they are in one or more of these ditches, as John C. Maxwell puts it:

  1. The assumption gap – “I guess I’ll get there automatically without doing anything.”
  2. The Knowledge Gap – “ I don’t know how to get there. “
  3. The timing gap – “Now is not the right time to start. “
  4. The Mistake Ditch – “I’m Afraid to Make Mistakes. “
  5. The Perfection Gap – “I have to find the best way before I start. “
  6. The Inspiration Gap – “I’m not inspired and therefore I don’t feel like doing it. “
  7. The Comparison Gap – Others are better than me. “
  8. The False Expectations Gap – “I thought it would be easier than that. “

At Partnerys, we believe that it is all about the mindset and the relationship , starting with that between us and ourselves, then that between the entrepreneur and his clients.

To succeed in taking your business to another level, we therefore take advantage of:

  • First and foremost, work on your state of mind, the discovery of yourself and the suitability for your project: “Growth Mindset”
  • Secondly, work on your mission, your vision, the objectives of your company and the reality of your customers, without forgetting your positioning in the market.

Whether you are at the start of your project or already launched:

  • we will offer you tailor -made support to fully live your dream and stop ignoring or running away from it
  • we will help you optimize your area of genius and overcome your limiting beliefs
  • we will also work on the development and the path towards your mission , your vision and your objectives


We offer you a training course focused on you as well as your business.

Our motto is Become the best of yourself to give the best to your business!”

Pack “Building on your success”

  • Know yourself better to make success a reality
  • Control your day to ensure your success tomorrow

Pack “Your project put to the test”

  • From dream to reality
  • From idea to implementation
  • Boost your activity

Do you want to have an overview of everything we have to offer?


These coaching sessions will allow you to:

  • work on your MINDSET, your image, your self-esteem and your self-confidence
  • meet other people who are going through the same situation as you
  • share, capitalize and find solutions to your current issues.
  • Duration of the session: around 2 hours
  • Participants: maximum 10 people

These sessions are for you if you need:

  • To work on your mission, vision and objectives
  • Spend time individually addressing the challenges you currently face with your business and move faster to tangible results
  • Find concrete keys to boost your business (number of customers, turnover, profit, etc.)


  1. We are part of the John C. Maxwell team: John C. Maxwell being the Global Leadership Expert
  2. Our founder is certified John Maxwell but also ICF “International Coaching Federation”: the largest professional coaching federation in the world
  3. We have supported several entrepreneurs who have seen their lives change and their business go to a level he could never have imagined.
  1. We provide participants with an unforgettable experience
  2. We are committed to impacting the professional and personal life of our clients
  3. We always end our training with an incentive to “Put into action” immediately in order to anchor the newly acquired knowledge and initiate a transformation.

Would you like to know more about our support for entrepreneurs?

Our team is here to help!

Discovery offer: A coaching session at 50% reduction!
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Dear entrepreneurs,
Invest in yourself and your project! It is one of the most wonderful gifts you can give yourself!

Realize your mission and refine your vision as well as your goals as often as possible!
Have a winning attitude: Bet on your Mindset, your image, your esteem and your self-confidence!
Believe in yourself and in your dream because you know what, no one will do it for you 😊



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