Know us

Our founder and CEO

Nadjat is Franco-Comorian. She is married and a happy mother of 3 wonderful children.

  • She is a business consultant
  • She is a Professional Coach
  • She is an expert in Agile Transformation, Leadership and Growth Mindset
  • She is a trainer and speaker on topics around Agile, leadership and personal growth …
  • She is Facilitator of workshops and seminars

Nadjat began her career in business as an information systems developer after having obtained an engineering degree in software development.
After a few years in Research and Development, she is responsible for training, facilitating and mentoring teams in order to help them become more efficient . These experiences lead her to train in the role of Agile Coach when it was necessary to deploy the Agile approach throughout the company where she was employed.

This support takes place both in a national and international environment, at team level as well as at organizational level. This is how she discovers a real passion for people: her behavior, complexity and paradoxes are elusive.
Driven by a strong desire to help others, she understands that Agile expertise is not enough. She must learn to decipher the human mind map.
She therefore begins a personal development journey to learn more about herself in order to better support the teams. This course culminates in professional coaching training.
Training only? No !!! Because ultimately, growth is a continuous process that never stops.

In her job, she believes in the potential of everyone, every team and every organization. You just need to succeed in calling on your internal resources.

Today, in addition to Partnerys, she is also a founding member of the John Maxwell Team Français (JMTF). Her biggest goal is to make Success a Reality for her clients .

His mantra

  • All growth requires sacrifice .
  • Any sacrifice leads to victory .
  • Every victory deserves to be celebrated 😊

Its certifications

1. Professional coaching

2. Agile Coaching

  • Scrum Master (CSM)
  • Scrum Product Owner (CSPO)
  • Professional Scrum Master (PSM)
  • Agile Team Facilitation ICC-ATF
  • Agile Coaching ICP-ACC
  • SAFe Program Consultant: SPC

Our partners

Word from the CEO

PARTNERYS is a company specializing in Agile Transformation and Leadership . It was created after several years of expertise in coaching, consulting, training and facilitation in the corporate world.

Our mission is to combine cohesion , performance and fulfillment within the teams we support, by creating a lasting sense of belonging, the precursor of any growth or any successful transformation.

We also support entrepreneurs from the birth of their projects to the maturity of their business. We offer them an experience of transforming themselves as a leader  to be able to dare , to move forward and to open the field of possibilities  : to become possibilists .

Our DNA is to bring value to our clients by being the ideal partner to support them in achieving their goals. Hence the name PARTNERYS: ”  we are PARTNER s for Y our S uccess  “. This valuation DNA is already starting with our in-house team. This is the reason why we believe in continuous improvement and innovation. Our employees work with transparency and responsiveness on a daily basis to meet the needs of our customers in a pragmatic and efficient manner.

Our leitmotif is commitment and excellence for the benefit of the satisfaction of our customers. We do not offer skills, but rather offer a memorable experience with the key to a real transformation .

Thank you to all our customers for their trust  !

Nadjat Attoumane

Our team

Notre Ă©quipe est composĂ©e de Consultants, Coaches, Formateurs et Facilitateurs avec plusieurs annĂ©es d’expĂ©rience en entreprise et dans le monde de l’entreprenariat.
Parce que nous avons Ă  cƓur Ă  donner le meilleur pour nos clients, notre Ă©quipe est composĂ©e d’experts pour vous offrir la meilleure expĂ©rience de l’accompagnement.

Nous sommes spécialisés dans la Transformation Agile et le Leadership.

Jean Claude YEKPE

Partnerys Associate
John Maxwell Team Leadership Coach & Trainer, CDP (Conflict) certified, Process'Com (Communication) certified, REP (Resilience) certified

Danielle CHONANG

Partnerys Associate
Mindset & Digital Business Coach

Wouraeni Yves ABIA

Partnerys Associate
Entrepreneur & Business Developer, Member of the JMTF

Samuel GARGA

Partnerys Associate
Digital Marketing, Communication, Social Media Manager

  1. We are proud of our extensive experience in business support
  2. We are experts in our respective fields
  3. We believe in this relationship of partnership and trust with our customers: we preserve it by offering transparency, responsiveness and efficiency.
  1. We are part of the John C. Maxwell team: John C. Maxwell being the Global Leadership Expert
  2. Our founder is certified John Maxwell but also ICF “International Coaching Federation: the largest professional coaching federation in the world
  3. We have accompanied many people who have seen their lives change and go to a level that they could never have imagined.
  1. We give interns an unforgettable experience
  2. We are committed to impacting the professional and personal life of interns
  3. We always end our training with an incentive to “Put into action” immediately in order to anchor the newly acquired knowledge and initiate a transformation.
  1. We are experts in facilitating workshops
  2. We design processes that meet the expectations of our customers
  3. The key words in our seminars are:
    • Originality
    • Creativity
    • Team spirit
    • Pleasure and Fun
    • Put into action
  1. We have more than ten years of experience in supporting Agile transformations
  2. We have supported more than a hundred teams in their Agile transformation
  3. We ourselves have practiced the different roles put in place in this process
  4. We combine Agile and Leadership for more performance and impact
  5. Our goal: tangible results! Satisfied customers, more efficient teams and lasting transformation.
Our values

Why choose Partnerys?

Because Partnerys helps you take your business to the next level!

  1. Ethics : we ensure the Confidentiality, Benevolence and non-judgment of our customers. We act with neutrality and integrity.
  2. Transparency and Responsiveness: We work hand in hand with our customers. They are aware of all the stages of our support. We take their feedback into account as soon as possible and respond to their requirements as soon as possible.
  3. Continuous improvement and Innovation: We demand to always learn, to renew ourselves and to continuously improve ourselves in order to offer the best to our customers.
  4. P ragmatism and Efficiency: We do not apply dogma. We do not “copy and paste” methods or other practices, without measuring the consequences and without taking into account the specificities of our customers.
  5. Commitment and E xcellence : We work for a single objective: the success and success of our customers. Hence our slogan: “Make success a reality for our customers.” “
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